Employees in companies with growth potential or growth ambition

There is much literature of entrepreneurs as people who start their own business, but there is also a type of internal entrepreneurs whose goal is to grow professionally within the company where they are. The starting point is more comfortable for them, since they start from a security point that the others do not have, although it is not less difficult to make the effort required to achieve it. They must face different situations with a high competitive component with their own co-workers, and avoid being pigeonholed into a position where they cannot evolve. The development of skills is done in conjunction with practice and daily work.

Entrepreneur with ambition of internal promotion in the company, get ready to discover your attitude towards these issues!

This exploration consists of questions about the following four subjects: organisation, value proposition, market and finance. Choose an answer. Once you have answered all the questions, a score and a conclusion by subject will be displayed. The conclusion gives you an idea of your entrepreneurial attitude and provides some tips to improve your success in entrepreneurship.

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