The innovative graphic sector that includes ‘Sign’ and ‘Point-of-Sale (PoS) Display’ hasn’t stopped evolving over the last decades. It’s still offering us one of the most interesting creative versions of the Graphic arts and the Print media, and requires a constant training of workers in this sector. This training needs to include a good dose of creativity and an ongoing connection with the technological innovations that are appearing in the sector. A wide knowledge of the new materials and equipment to work with is always required. The fact that it is a very competitive market make this sector one of the most active and developed in the Graphic Media industry. Being able to get into this professional environment requires that the professionals must take into account all these elements which combine creativity. These issues make the Sign & PoS Display an exciting world to work in.

Motivation, training, management styles, creativity and networking. These five issues will be the basis of this scan for entrepreneurs or professionals who want to develop their career in this sector.

Entrepreneur, born creative and focused on creativity: get ready to discover your attitude towards these issues! This scan consists on a number of questions concerning the five issues mentioned above. Choose an answer. After you have answered all the questions, you'll get a score and a conclusion about your performance. The conclusion gives insight into your entrepreneurial attitude and provides some tips to improve your success in the entrepreneurship area.

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