Digital Marketing

The sector has grown considerably in recent years fuelled by the technology developments in IT, social media and the like. In that time, whilst we have seen small companies thrive, we have also seen the growth of larger and larger businesses as mergers and acquisitions occur.

Customers come from all areas of the market and seek bespoke solutions using the latest technologies.

Challenges ahead for digital marketing companies are in the recruitment and retention of sufficiently qualified IT professionals as well as attracting relevant graduates from universities. There will be a growing use of freelancers to plug skills gaps or to take up short term gaps in capacity - it may also be less risky that employing directly. Further, the fast moving world of technology puts demands on leaders of companies to keep up to date to be able to offer customers the best solutions. Sharing risk with customers will also feature in future price discussions.

Entrepreneurs embarking on a career in this sector will need not just the technical skills and the business concepts but the business skills to grow their businesses at a pace they can manage.

The diagnostic scan that follows is based around 4 themes - Organisation, Value Proposition, Market and Finance - and asks questions aimed at giving you a picture of how you measure up to the digital marketing sector in 2026. You will get an overall score and some guidance on how you can prepare for the future.

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