Female Entrepreneurs

Most of what we have known about entrepreneurs has been based on the study of men who initiated ventures. Therefore, the dominant discourse of entrepreneurship shows masculine aspects rather than feminine ones. Because the number of women starting their own business has grown so large, it is important now to understand whether their experiences differ from their male counterparts. The gender gap in entrepreneurship is one of the important puzzles in entrepreneurship research. Prejudices, stereotypes and biological differences between men and women are related to their entrepreneurial identity.

Motivation, financing, management styles, risk tolerance and networking. these five main subjects are found to differ significantly when it comes to entrepreneurship by a man or a woman.

Female entrepreneur, get ready to find out your attitude towards these subjects!

This scan consists of questions concerning the five subjects (mentioned above). Choose an answer. After you answered all questions, per subject a score and conclusion will be shown. The conclusion gives insight into your entrepreneurial attitude and provides some tips for improving your success in entrepreneurship.

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