Motivation and self-organisation

What is your main motivation for wanting to becoming an entrepreneur?

I'd like to be my own boss.

I want to innovate and have an impact.

I always have many ideas for new businesses.

I'd generate more money compared to working as an employee.

When participiating in activities like studies, hobbies or sports, which situation represents you better?

I don't like practicing things all the time, but it's the only way I succeed in what I chose to do.

I try to achieve my goals with minimal effort.

I give up and get bored when things don't work out the way I want

I'm more of a generalist, trying many different things that interest me.

How do you structure your work?

I always remember my tasks very well. I usually work on whatever I remember to do.

I don´t need any sturcture because I am very good in improvising

I have a very good system (agenda, to-do-lists, etc.)

I try to have a system, but I'm not always good at following it.

My dream business…

… is based on a clever idea that I had.

…is having an impact changing lives.

… is something I'm doing already as a hobby, but then professionally.

…is something I'm already doing as an employee, but then it would be my business.


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