Entrepreneurship is a transversal competence, which applies to all spheres of life: from nurturing personal development, to actively participating in society, to (re)entering the job market as an employee or as a self-employed person, and also to starting up ventures, cultural, social and/or commercial. It builds upon a broad definition of entrepreneurship that hinges on the creation of cultural, social and/or economic value.

The research of this project predicted several entrepreneurial competences needed for future existence of companies within the creative sector. Via EntreComp six competences are described that are forecasted to be of incredible importance of the future, namely strategic vision, self-efficacy, leadership, risk tolerance, networking and (project)management. Answering the following statements on the base of these competences will make you aware of your entrepreneurial knowledge, capabilities and attitude.

The definition of entrepreneurship applies to individuals and groups (teams or organizations) and it refers to value creation in the private, public and third sectors and in any hybrid combination of the three. Lastly, it is domain neutral: one can act upon ideas and opportunities to generate value for others in any domain and possible value chain.

Let’s see how you generate value out of your ideas!

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